Monday, July 12, 2010

Wedding Tablescapes

This past weekend, I spent hours of my life perusing Style Me Pretty, a wedding and event design blog. This blog compiles some of the best images compiled by photographers and wedding planners all over the world. The following pictures are some of my favorite table scape designs. I am 100% confident that I would LOVE to moonlight as a wedding planner, and will hopefully get that second opportunity (after my own wedding) very soon because SO many of my friends are getting married!!
Starting off with my absolute favorite...a chic table design perfect for a sophisticated city wedding. The chair skirts are flirty and add a sense of softness to a space that balances out the concrete floors. The hanging candleholders and chandelier add dimension without creating a distraction from the overall clean design of the table.

This one comes in at a very close second. It reminds me of the book and movie 'Secret Garden.' This earthy and mysterious design is another example of keeping the decor monochromatic so that the venue, people, and surroundings are what really stand out.
Again, monochromatic...but this time the use of candles adds drama and movement, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

At this point you probably think that I hate color....

Branches are an awesome natural element to include because their individual complexities are visually stimulating. The branches on this centerpiece were spray painted white to achieve a softer look and as a result, the small pops of color from the flowers stands out.

Ahhhhh....color. Regal purple and it's contrasting partner on the color wheel, green. This is a very popular color combination that is enhanced by using the peacock feather as inspiration. The feathers bring in additional colors, such as gold, brown, and blue, that are great as accents with the green and purple scheme.

This tablescape screams February to me....could it be the colors that remind me of Valentine's day?!
I love the mixture of all different berry creates an overall feeling that resists being "matchy-matchy." The lace tablecloth, plate design, and retro style candlesticks scream vintage charm and the names written on apples is an adorable idea for a place setting.

This color scheme is the same as the previous image, and it even uses candles with vintage style candleholders....however, this design is a lot cleaner and modern feeling.

Green is a very popular spring and summer color for weddings. The use of flowering branches is playful and adds dimension to the space. The grass accents are also very modern and add a great pop of color to the tabletop.

This final image reminds me of a California Vineyard....and makes me thirsty.
The natural green and sky blue color in combination with a sandy floor surface creates a soothing and relaxing atmosphere, perfect for any party!!

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  1. Awesome designs--and I especially like the descriptions, which help me to recognize the elements of design better. You're hired!