Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Fashion Inspired Bachelor Pads

Men like to have something to grab onto.... Oops, did I actually type that ;)

What I mean is that men like their FURNITURE to have a little meat its bones. When designing a space for a man, I look for pieces of furniture that have clean lines and that look heavy and solid. A piece of furniture that looks light or has curved features can come across as dainty and feminine.

When it comes to the fabric selections in the space (window treatments, sofa, pillows, rug, etc.) textile design in interiors usually runs parallel with the fashion world. This doesn't mean that you can look through a magazine and find inspiration that will work for everyone- Each man's individual style has to be translated into the space. To visually explain what I mean, here an example of a (gorgeous) man in Hollywood-David Beckham- who has his own signature style and items that I would choose to put in a space designed for him.

The colors I chose were mainly based on his outfit, hence fashion inspired, but dark rich colors are typically what men prefer. I also used a lot of natural materials, including driftwood, moss balls, wicker (typically gross, but works here), and patinaed bronze.

I will post another one of these next week...

I'm feeling a little devious...

I have had this little idea in my head for a long time and I think the time has finally come to follow through. I have some planning to do before I can begin, but I hope it turns out to be a welcome surprise. Sorry, but no details will have to wait until Sunday to find out whether it was a good or bad idea!!

Saturday, April 24, 2010


Typically the words FREE and DESIGN are never mentioned together....

HOWEVER, Material Girl Design is giving away 3 free design consultations!! To enter, you must fill out and email the design questionnaire to me (located in the notes section of the facebook Material Girl Design), send multiple images of the space, and of course- you must be a FAN of the facebook page.

Deadline is next Friday, April 30th.

Send everything to

Tell your friends, you have nothing to lose!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Fab Fabrics

While skimming through my new Elle Decor magazine, I came across a bright eye-catching ad (a little marketing lesson for those trying to grab a designer's attention) and then realized the designs were also featured on the cover.

Madeline Weinrib ( has a lot of fun, fresh fabrics with a natural/hippie vibe that would make amazing accent pillows, comforters, or accent chairs. I would even frame them or wrap a canvas and create artwork! Here are some of my favorites...

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Interior Color Selections

Deciding on what colors to paint your walls is usually one of the hardest parts about re-designing a space... the new colors have to mesh with old ones, have to "go" with the style of your home, should look great with your existing furniture, and should mesh with the exterior color of the house. Here are a few color groupings that I created and then put into the color visualizer tool by Sherwin Williams (see previous post for link). These colors would be awesome in one space (if you have the courage) or scattered throughout an entire home.

Wedding Color Combinations

Typically when people pick wedding colors, they have one main color (the bridesmaids dress color) and maybe one other accent color. Being a designer, I picked my wedding colors the same way I would pick a color theme for a space... and i'm going to show them to you under the condition that you trust me and will save the judgement until after you see how I pull it together ;)

When putting colors together, I typically use Sherwin William's Color Visualizer (online and open for anyone to use @ )

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Wedding detail design...

That's right, I said wedding.
After 8 1/2 years together, Eric finally popped the question!!

For the girl who always said I would never get married, I sure have a lot of ideas when it comes to the wedding plans... Only two weeks have passed and we have already set a date, booked a venue, a photographer, a musician, and I am on to the design phase. Being a designer, the decor for the ceremony and reception HAS to be on point...otherwise, who would hire me?!

We're getting married on 1-1-11, a holiday wedding in the middle of winter! I have two different color theme options...

Option 1: Burgandy, Black, and White

Two: Teal, Black, and White with silver and green accents

The first is obviously the most glamorous, but the second goes better with the venue theme--a "lighthouse" with 360 degree views of the water! You're going to have to wait a while for the final outcome...

I also have this amazing idea for centerpieces... I plan to collect white vases over the next few months that are all unique. Inside of these vases I am going to put branches spray painted silver and drape strands of crystals from the branches (to resemble icicles...). On the table below will be candles at varying heights that will reflect the light through the crystals and create patterns on the tables :)

Enough juicy deets for will have to check back for the next wedding update ;)