Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Fashion Inspired Bachelor Pads

Men like to have something to grab onto.... Oops, did I actually type that ;)

What I mean is that men like their FURNITURE to have a little meat its bones. When designing a space for a man, I look for pieces of furniture that have clean lines and that look heavy and solid. A piece of furniture that looks light or has curved features can come across as dainty and feminine.

When it comes to the fabric selections in the space (window treatments, sofa, pillows, rug, etc.) textile design in interiors usually runs parallel with the fashion world. This doesn't mean that you can look through a magazine and find inspiration that will work for everyone- Each man's individual style has to be translated into the space. To visually explain what I mean, here an example of a (gorgeous) man in Hollywood-David Beckham- who has his own signature style and items that I would choose to put in a space designed for him.

The colors I chose were mainly based on his outfit, hence fashion inspired, but dark rich colors are typically what men prefer. I also used a lot of natural materials, including driftwood, moss balls, wicker (typically gross, but works here), and patinaed bronze.

I will post another one of these next week...

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