Monday, October 11, 2010


I have so many things going on right now--in both my personal and professional world-- that it's been hard finding the time to blog! I am currently wrapping up three interior design jobs, each of which will soon be featured on the blog.

The first project came to me from a woman who found my website while searching online. She recently bought a new (huge) house and was overwhelmed with designing a new space. She told me that she had recently painted her entire house and it was so emotionally draining (that and the baby she's expecting...) that she needed help with the rest. The first area we tackled was a hallway/balcony area that was an odd shape and really had no function except that it provided a large window for her dog to bark at passerbys all day. She sent me a few images of the space and other furniture in her house, paint colors, and dimensions...
.....and these are the three ideas I came up with. I went for light and whimsical patterns and shapes to try and combat the hard, dark, masculine feel of the space. I think the two together will balance perfectly!
The first is a fun feminine look with a little bit of a retro vibe that picks up in the rug pattern and chaise shape.
The second look is similar to the first, but has a little bit of a grown-and-sexy, more contemporary look ;)
The final design was a more masculine, clean lined look that matches her current furniture perfectly!

Hiring a designer to create idea boards like these is a great way to get some fresh new unbiased ideas about a space BEFORE painting and purchasing things. (and its cheap...)
Look for the next few designs soon :)

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  1. They are bonkers behind my house doing all sorts of crazy exterior and interior stuff...