Thursday, September 2, 2010

Fun Updates

Going green....and saving some too.

First order of business...I passed my LEED Green Associates exam a few weeks ago and can now officially add LEED GA to the end of my title. (LEED is the internationally recognized green building certification system-more info here)

While studying for this exam, I started thinking about how wasteful wedding invitations are...both for the environment and for my wallet. Why is it necessary to have an outer envelope with a stamp, an inner envelope with just names, and then ANOTHER envelope for the RSVP return? Just because our grandmothers did this doesn't mean we should still be doing it. Some people take their solution to this issue to the extreme and are actually sending out completely virtual invites. Instead, I decided to streamline tradition and do what I think (hope) will work for the best. I eliminated the inner envelope and the RSVP envelope alltogether and I created an RSVP e-mail. Everyone I plan to invite lives in civilization and has access to the internet. If they don't know how to use it, they can find someone to help them. If they can't find someone to help them, then they either call, or I end up calling them. NOT AN ISSUE and totally worth saving $100 bucks on envelopes and $50 in stamps!

I got the idea for this lacy design off the internet, so I can't take complete credit. I think it blows my other two (original) ideas out of the water. What do you think?

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  1. Nice invites. I recall my invite somehow got posted to a bulletin board at our college radio station and we had about 30 crashers (Who were friends of mine).

    What matters is that you are happy with them. I don't recall what mine looked like at the time.

    Cheers and Congrats,