Monday, March 15, 2010

Today's task: Hanging curtains...

I took off work today to take care of my puppy Layla, who got spayed yesterday, and felt like a complete waste of life not being able to leave her alone all day...we watched everything on the DVR, took a nap (since she was in so much pain she kept us up all night), and ate everything in the kitchen. By about 4 o'clock I was feeling like a fat lazy loser and decided to tackle one of the projects that I had asked Eric to do...

So with my trusty sidekick (Layla), I got everything together that I would need to hang curtains in the study. I know what you're thinking...wth, how hard can that be? BUT I had to put the rod up too... I've seen my dad do it a few times and decided it would be easy enough to figure out. Here is the step by step process--I fully expect that ANYONE can do this!

1. Get everything together. The curtain rod usually comes with a little package that contains screws, anchors, and the bracket. You will also need a drill with two different drill bits, a screw driver, a hammer, a level, a tape measure, a pencil, and a ladder (or a stool...).

2. Using the bracket (which has holes for screws) and a tape measure, mark the spots on the wall where the holes should be drilled.
3. Find a drillbit that looks to be the same diameter of the anchor that comes with your curtain rod. Put this drillbit into the drill. Holding the drill straight against the mark on the wall, put pressure on the drill and make a hole in the wall. This isn't a race...sometimes the slower, the better so the drill doesn't slip creating a hole much bigger than intended (I could be talking from experience...)
4. After the holes are drilled, hammer the anchors into place.
5. Using the drill with the phillips head bit, screw the screws into the anchors about halfway and then put the bracket into place. Continue tightening the screws. Depending on the size of the bracket, you may need to use the screwdriver to tighten the bracket against the wall.
6. Put the curtains on the rod and then tighten the finnial at the end.
7. Hang your curtains
8. Clean up all the dust :)

The curtains I bought are white transluscent linen. I am not a fan of regular sheer curtains that look like they belong in a lingerie drawer, but love these. They add a softness to the room that certainly wasn't there before.

They also have a little cutout pattern creating a vertical stripe...which can help the room look taller!

Stay tuned for the rest of the projects in this room...

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